Have you ever been made to feel like you were worthless by a message or post about you that was untrue? Or maybe you were told that you are a hideous person unworthy of love? Perhaps even told to harm yourself? You have been cyberbullied, and you should not have been. If you have ever sent a mean-spirited message directly or anonymously then you have partaken in cyberbullying. Or maybe you have even been the one to do something similar not knowing how your words or other actions could affect the person(s) they were about; if you know you are the cause of hurt caused unintentionally, the best thing to do is let them know and apologise.
☆ Cyberbullying ☆ The Pulp Zine ☆

Photograph by Neil Gavin; W magazine August 2014. 

The Columbia Space Shuttle breaks apart during re entry [2003]

Pulp Fiction (1994)